I take the train to work everyday. My fave stop has to be Hollywood Highland. Why? The Hollywood Highland shopping plaza they have! I love the Beard Papa's, Forever 21, Sephora, American Eagle, Zara's, and H&M there.

My brother and his friends had some time to kill on Friday after visiting the He-Man exhibit on Melrose, so I suggested Hollywood Highland. I could meet up and go shopping. Whoo hoo! He text me that they're hanging out at uWink.

I've never been inside uWink. I was expecting a typical restaurant bar, but this is so much cooler. Each table has a computer monitor with a touch screen. Customers can order food and drinks plus play games. I loved the games, especially MyWord (their version of Taboo) and Bobbles (like Bejeweled). I ordered a Shirley Temple and mozarella sticks to tide me and baby over until dinner.

I definitely suggest checking out uWink if you're at Hollywood Highland. Way cool and futuristic!

More info:
uWink - http://www.uwink.com/home


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