All this time I thought I didn't like Sprinkles, but I think it is because I don't order the right flavor. Vanilla and cinnamon sugar, ick.

On my last trip, I tried lemon blueberry, chai and dark chocolate. Yum! The dark chocolate is so decadent and rich for a cupcake. If it were a giant cake, I'd eat the whole thing for sure.

Today, baby and I drove to sprinkles after my eye appointment. The line was crazy as usual. I happened to be behind another mom carrying a car carrier with her daughter. Guess we moms think alike. Today's purchase consisted of cherry, lemon, red velvet and dark chocolate. I inhaled the cherry and thought it was great. The cherry cake was light and you could taste the cherry in the frosting. Eating it with their popsicle wooden spoon is cool too.

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