Thai Nakorn

I'm so surprised I haven't written about my favorite thai restaurant in oc.

This restaurant is the go to spot when dining with a big group of friends. I've had many memorable meals here. At their former buena park location that burnt down, I celebrated Christmas with my girlfriends and boyfriends (now husbands) many years ago. I've had double dates with my brother in law and his girlfriend and Christmas eve dinners with out of towners at their garden grove location. My brother and I go to the Stanton location whenever we can.

I love everything on their menu, from the pad kee mow, pad thai, yellow curry, panang curry, chicken satay, papaya salad, crispy rice, to fried pomfret with chili sauce.

Pictured here are their desserts. Sticky rice and mango plus Coconut ice cream. Mmm! (btw, don't you love how crisp the photo Is. I took it with my new iPhone 4g!)

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