Yummy Cupcakes

Last Wednesday, I visited my cousin and his family in Burbank before he headed home from his six month vacation here.

After our fun little reunion, I made my brother drive me to Yummy Cupcakes. I checked out their website beforehand. They were featured on the food network for their cupcake in a jar product.

Upon entering their store, you see a bakery with a nice display of all types of cupcakes. I decided on getting four to try.

I've eaten three of them so far.
The cupcakes were nice and light without feeling too decadent. Lemon mediteranean Was nice. Imagine lemon cake with cream cheese frosting and a dash of sea salt. Fudgy yummy was exactly that. It Tasted like a fudge brownie. Red velvet was good too with a hint of chocolate. Happy day flavor is waiting for me. Looks like a funfetti vanilla cupcake. Yum!

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