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The Daily Scoop

We hung out at my hubby's sister's house today after eating brunch. In the afternoon, we walked to a neighborhood ice cream shop called The Daily Scoop. This Denver shop serves frozen custard in chocolate, vanilla and the flavor of the day. The friendly cashier said the flavor du jour was English toffee. I ordered that in a waffle bowl. Yum, yum I say! It was definitely on the super sweet side but still good. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Lovely Confections

I'm on a lil family vacay in Colorado right now and researched cupcake places to try. I asked friends, looked on yelp, browsed on sites. I decided on Lovely Confections since it's near Cherry Creek mall. The site said they have organic and local cupcakes. Sold! The 4.5 stars on yelp also convinced me to check it out. After beating the heat at Cherry Creek mall, hubby took me here. I decided on four to share with my niece and nephew. The owner was super helpful As i ordered Lemon, bees nees (lavender), strawberries and cream, and red velvet. When I got to my mother in law's house, we attacked the cupcakes with a fork. They all tasted light and moist with just the right amount of frosting. The red velvet had a hint of chocolate feel, the lemon was exactly how I like my lemon cupcakes, and the lavender had a subtle flavor. My favorite had to be the strawberries and cream. It was my first time trying a strawberry cupcake. Yum! Denver peeps should definitely check this cu

Marco's Coal Fired Pizza

Last night, we went to dinner in downtown Denver with longtime Colorado friends at Marco's. The restaurant was packed when we joined our friends. This place is the only certified Neopolitan restaurant in Colorado. I ordered the Del Mar pizza with mushrooms and prosciutto. It was delicious and reminded me of Pizzeria mozza in LA. Here are other pizza pies our friends ordered: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Baby clothes

I think baby clothes are so cute. The hubby bought baby girl an adorable yellow dress painted with animals from Gilt. And my niece got baby some teeny tiny Mary Jane socks from a sock store she works at. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


I have the best brother in the world. He bought me cupcakes from Frostings in Lake Forest. He got me lemon, raspberry chocolate, german chocolate, and orange flavors. I inhaled the raspberry chocolate and orange. I loved the raspberry chocolate one - tasted like my wedding cake. The orange had sweet icing with a vanilla cake. What's funny is my brother overheard the employee answer the phone Sprinkles. Haha! I definitely will try this cupcakery again. More info: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Boston Proper

In my hunt for a dress to wear to a wedding, I found a great clothing site called Boston Proper. They have cute casual and party dresses. Their outlet section offers great deals with a $19.99 and $29.99 section. More info: Boston Proper -

OC Foodie Fest 08/28

I'm bummed I'll be out of town and will miss the OC Foodie Fest this Saturday at the Honda Center. Gourmet trucks. Entertainment. Shopping. Pre-sale tickets are $12 and $15 at the door. More info: OC Foodie Fest -

I can't live without my...

Bebe au Lait nursing cover. I have one in a polka dot print and never leave home without it. Baby girl didn't seem to like it the first time we used it at a park, but nowadays doesn't mind it especially since she's distracted with meal time. More info: Bebe au lait -


In my hunt for a beige dress to wear for a wedding, I found a great clothing site based in the UK. They have many affordable and designer items for men, women and kids. I am digging their selection of dresses, clutch purses, and hair accessories. Do check it out! More info: asos -

Milk + Honey

I've heard about Milk + Honey at The Camp in Costa Mesa for a while and finally visited a few weeks ago. This small cafe had a cute modern patio that overlooked the Chevron gas station next door. They had a nice selection of drinks, but I wanted a shaved ice with strawberry syrup, condensed milk, mango And strawberry toppings. I thought it was a little pricy for $5 but it did squash my shaved ice craving. Baby seemed to enjoy watching me eat it too. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Thread Show 08/22

I've been on the hunt for a dress and saw an ad for the Thread Show this Sunday. It's a fashion and design event for men, women, and children at the OC fairgrounds. There will be fashion shows, style lounges, and djs. It sounds like a cool event. It's $5 if you RSVP online and $10 at the door. More info: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Cupcake camp oc recap

I ventured to another cupcake event on Sunday. This event was small and featured some local bakeries along with Amateurs. I think my experience would have been better if there were signs of the cupcake flavors, if you didn't need a ticket to try one, and if it wasn't so messy. The sign on the door saying please do not take cupcakes home was a bummer too. Of all the cupcakes, I liked the in & out cupcake I got. Lots of people wanted to trade me for it. The marshmallow topping on the passionfruit cupcake was good. I liked that amateur bakers used mochi as a topping. I liked the smore dessert and thought it was delish. There was a thai mango one that looked interesting but I was too scared to try. I think after trying so many, I officially overdosed on cupcakes. I don't think i want one for awhile. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone