Cupcake camp oc recap

I ventured to another cupcake event on Sunday. This event was small and featured some local bakeries along with Amateurs. I think my experience would have been better if there were signs of the cupcake flavors, if you didn't need a ticket to try one, and if it wasn't so messy. The sign on the door saying please do not take cupcakes home was a bummer too.

Of all the cupcakes, I liked the in & out cupcake I got. Lots of people wanted to trade me for it.

The marshmallow topping on the passionfruit cupcake was good. I liked that amateur bakers used mochi as a topping. I liked the smore dessert and thought it was delish. There was a thai mango one that looked interesting but I was too scared to try.

I think after trying so many, I officially overdosed on cupcakes. I don't think i want one for awhile.

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