Lovely Confections

I'm on a lil family vacay in Colorado right now and researched cupcake places to try. I asked friends, looked on yelp, browsed on sites.

I decided on Lovely Confections since it's near Cherry Creek mall. The site said they have organic and local cupcakes. Sold! The 4.5 stars on yelp also convinced me to check it out.

After beating the heat at Cherry Creek mall, hubby took me here. I decided on four to share with my niece and nephew. The owner was super helpful
As i ordered Lemon, bees nees (lavender), strawberries and cream, and red velvet. When I got to my mother in law's house, we attacked the cupcakes with a fork.

They all tasted light and moist with just the right amount of frosting. The red velvet had a hint of chocolate feel, the lemon was exactly how I like my lemon cupcakes, and the lavender had a subtle flavor. My favorite had to be the strawberries and cream. It was my first time trying a strawberry cupcake. Yum!

Denver peeps should definitely check this cupcakery out. It's worth the trip.

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