Sweet & Saucy Shop

Baby and I were in long beach on Friday and yelp'ed a cupcake place.

We went to sweet & saucy. This store was located In a busy strip mall with lots of parking. The banner up front announced they were on an episode of fabulous cakes in august. How cool! This cupcakery was different. Their cupcakes were featured on cake stands versus the normal line em up style you see at other places. They also had small variety but offered cookies, mini cupcakes, and cake pops. I'll have to try cake pops next time. All the signage pointed out they're popular for weddings. How neat!

I decided on four flavors to take home: red velvet, candy bar, lemon and Chocolate nutella. So far I like red velvet. It has a hint of chocolate and real cream cheese frosting. The candy bar one has peanut butter frosting drizzled with caramel and a vanilla cake filled with chocolate. It's too snicker's bar for me. I try to keep liking peanut butter but no go.

Up next are the chocolate nutella and lemon. Yum!

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