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Aerial dance fitness

Have you ever been impressed with cirque du soleil performers and wondered how do they do that? I forgot how I found out about this, but there's a lady in oc who teaches aerial dancing. There's even a fitness class for it. I was thinking about checking it out one day. Classes are offered in costa Mesa and fountain valley. More info: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sugar Me Bakery

Last night, I was starving after My train ride. I had 30 minutes to kill before dinner so decided cupcakes would make a good snack. I yelped and found Sugar Me Bakery. It was located inside a bagel me shop. I was expecting lots of flavors but only saw apple pie, vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. They also sold cookies too. The giant cupcakes looked great. I decided on the red velvet and apple pie. The red velvet had the typical cream cheese frosting and cake was moist. I had a few bites of the apple pie one and thought it tasted weird. I'll have to try some more later. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Patty wagon review

So, I fell in line around one o'clock yesterday. I liked that the line wasn't too bad. I orders their new deal special of 2 classic mini burgers with Rosemary garlic fries and a drink for $9. It was a little pricy for lunch but life is all about splurging once in a while. When I got back to my cube, I couldn't wait to scarf down my food. I couldn't tell that it was grass fed beef and good for me. The fries were a lil crunchy, not my preference but I liked it nonetheless. Overall, I'll definitely visit the truck if it comes my way. They have other mini burgers I'd love to try. As other food bloggers have said, it would have been great if this lunch truck was paired with a dessert truck. How yum would that be! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sephora 20% off

My bro is the best. He sent me a promo code for 20% off at Sephora. Hurry, it expires on November 3. More info: Slick Deal link -

Patty Wagon

Just got an email that the Patty Wagon truck is going to be at my work tomorrow. Can't wait to try it. From what I hear, they have delicious mini burgers and knock your socks off deelicious rosemary garlic fries. More info: Patty Wagon -

Back to work clothes

I've had to buy some back to work clothes to wear this past week. The limited, banana republic and old navy had some great sales recently. Check out my finds! Black cardigan, pink & black shirt, khaki slacks, grey and black stripe slacks Black long sleeve tee, grey cargo pants. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Bon marche

Next to ebisu market is a bakery/cafe called Bon Marche. My diabetic mom introduced me to this bakery years ago and got me the chocolate mousse. This cake is to die for. It has slivers of melt in your mouth milk chocolate decorated on top. The cake isn't too rich but super chocolatey. A slice is $3.25. Yum! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sweet Jill's

On Sunday, we attended the kite festival in seal beach. After all the fun kite flying, we got some snacks in their downtown. I got a huge strawberry cupcake at sweet jill's. It was humongous for being $3.85. I liked that it was a moist cake and not dollopped with tons of frosting like other places. Highly recommended if you're in the seal beach area! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Madeline's Confectionary

On Friday, bebe and I met up with a friend and her daughter at downtown Disney. I haven't been there forever. After going to build a bear and Disney store, we felt like getting a snack and got some sweets. We ordered the mini cupcake sampler, ghost marshmallow stick and some cookies. The mini cupcakes were surprisingly good. I got to try the coconut, red velvet And Carrot. Here are some pics from their display case: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

South Coast Plaza Style Event 10/05

I'll definitely be attending this event. There will be fashion shows, shopping specials, DJs, and refreshments at the mall next Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm. Oh how I love South Coast!