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Black Friday

Happy black Friday! I plan on going to Cabazon outlets with my mom to get deals with the crazy crowds. Maybe I can find some boots or Christmas presents. Shoe blog named some great online deals this morning. Click here for more details. For Armani make up fans, use "FRIENDS" promo code to save 20% off with free shipping. Happy shopping! Time to work off all the food I ate. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


I have heard so much hype about Brodard's in little Saigon. They have a reputation of having the best spring roll. My brother and I were starving yesterday. Okay, maybe it was just me. After I got the baby to nap, I asked my dad to watch her. We escaped to little Saigon to grub. I ordered the bun ha noi, which is vermicelli noodles with meat galore. Pork, bacon, hamburger patty. I love the pretty boat it came in. To start, we had a vegetarian spring roll filled with tofu, sweet potato, and other good stuff I can't remember. The menu said $8 for four rolls so it better be good. It was! It had some crunchy thing inside. You could taste the vegetables wrapped inside. Wow, it was good. It does live up to the hype. More info: Brodard's in Westminster. Cross streets are brookhurst and Westminster behind 99 cents store - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Little Gym

I signed up baby for an introductory parent/child class at Little Gym in Huntington Beach tomorrow. I can't wait to take her to her "Bugs" class and see how it is. She barely sees her kind (babies) so it'll be neat for her to play and encourage her development. More info:


Check out what happened to my boot last week. I got these fake suede black boots from Hong Kong years ago and they finally gave out. Eeks! I asked my girlfriends for sites where they would go boots shopping and wanted to share the list. They also reminded me to google online coupon codes for free shipping/discounts. Happy shoe shopping! (just saw some cute suede slouch boots on sale!)

Eat drink pink 11/20

This Saturday, there will be an eat drink pink event in fountain valley from 6pm to 10pm. Restaurants, bakeries, and caterers will have "pink" tastings for $10 to benefit breast cancer and research. Food and charity,I'm in! More info: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Soco food trucks & farmers market

I saw the sign off the freeway that Soco off harbor will have food trucks and farmer's market on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. It sounded like a baby friendly event so I made plans to go today. Hubby just returned from a biz trip this morning. After some cuddle time w baby, we were off to eat. There were six trucks there serving Greek, Singapore fusion, vegan, Spanish, crepes and shaved ice. We decided on Barcelona on the go and chomp chomp Singapore truck. He got the sirloin steak and fries with chimichurri sauce and Spanish grilled cheese. Both were delicious. I was impressed by the yummy steak. The grilled cheese was sweet too with manchego cheese and meat. I got the crabcake slider for $7.50 at the chomp chomp truck. Though it was small, it was the right size for me. The sandwich was super tasty. For dessert, I got an organic strawberry luscious cupcake from seabird truck. It was good but nothing special for $3.75. I think I like my non organic cupcakes more. Hah

Sugar blossom bake shop

I had a cupcake craving after getting a massage and facial At Talega spa. (thanks hubby!) The receptionist recommended sugar blossom bake shop. I also read about it on yelp. It had some okay reviews but then again you can never trust those wannabe food critics sometimes. Haha! This cute shop is located in downtown San Clemente and shares a patio with a restaurant. It's walking distance from their library and the beach is nearby too. The bake shop had a few flavors from lemon, vanilla, coconut, red velvet, smores,chocolate mint. Plus an assortment of cookies. I decided on the lemon, smores, and red velvet one plus their oatmeal cranberry cookie. So far, I have inhaled their smores and red velvet one. Delish! If u are ever in downtown San Clemente, do check out this spot. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone