I have heard so much hype about Brodard's in little Saigon. They have a reputation of having the best spring roll.

My brother and I were starving yesterday. Okay, maybe it was just me. After I got the baby to nap, I asked my dad to watch her. We escaped to little Saigon to grub.

I ordered the bun ha noi, which is vermicelli noodles with meat galore. Pork, bacon, hamburger patty. I love the pretty boat it came in.

To start, we had a vegetarian spring roll filled with tofu, sweet potato, and other good stuff I can't remember. The menu said $8 for four rolls so it better be good. It was! It had some crunchy thing inside. You could taste the vegetables wrapped inside. Wow, it was good. It does live up to the hype.

More info:
Brodard's in Westminster. Cross streets are brookhurst and Westminster behind 99 cents store

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