Inspired by Yelp's newsletter on sweets, I thought I would share my favorite sweet spots.

Best cupcake:
I'd have to say Frosted in Long Beach. Their lemon, chocolate nitrous, and caramel toffee chocolate cupcakes are delicious. I've never had a bad cupcake there.

Best crepes:
Crepe maker at Irvine Spectrum is my go to spot for crepes. They always load my red and black with tons of nutella and fresh strawberries. It's fresh and fast. The location is perfect because you can grab one as you head to the parking lot.

Best Croissant:
My favorite French bakery cafe, Vie de France, has the best croissant selection. My mom's favorite is the cream cheese while I get either the chocolate or apple croissant. The croissants are always fresh, flaky and flavorful.

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