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The crowd

The famous nom nom truck

Love the graf art on this truck

Last Saturday, we went to the Long beach street food festival and met up with friends. The Rainbow Lagoon was a perfect park to hold 30 trucks. It didn't feel crowded at all. We were blessed with good weather to walk around and people watch.

I saw lots of Korean trucks and eyed anh joon's truck of Korean pub fare. I briefly watched chef Debbie on food network so her food intrigued me. I got two skewers to share.

Anh joon truck

Fried chicken with chili sauce

Rice cake wrapped in bacon with ponzu sauce

Both were yummy! She should open a restaurant in OC.

Next was The SWeets Truck that I've been following in Twitter. I don't recall the exact names but I got a cupcake and s'mores cookie sandwich.

The deconstructed cupcake was interesting, though I prefer regular cupcakes. My hubby liked it a lot.

Excuse the poor photo but this cookie was delish. Definitely should be tried by all.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post.
I tried more food that day.

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