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Mango sweater dress

I got a new Mango sweater dress last month and finally used it last Sunday. I love how sweater dresses emphasize my baby bump. Not bad for $30, huh? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Just started a new twitter account. Please follow me @sunnynblue for twitter updates. Yay!

SFMOMA highlights

I took a few pictures of stuff I liked at MOMA last week. Wish I knew the names and artists. My apologies for not knowing. These sculptures were all found on their rooftop garden. Beautiful huh? I loved this one. A lady was in the room with a computer and making observations in this live art. My dad and baby made it on the wall. This picture talks about me - pregnant woman in black boots. Yep that's moi! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Szechuan Era

Last Thursday, we stayed in Cupertino one night before heading up to SF. There was a plaza walking distance to our hotel where we looked for dinner. My mom spotted this Szechwan place and we all agreed. With this pregnancy, I always want spicy. We ordered a few dishes - sizzling rice soup, Mongolian beef , boiled spicy fish and chow mein. Boy was everything good and spicy! A go to place if you are in Cupertino! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

SFMOMA treats

My hubby says I collect desserts. He may be right. Look at these gorgeous desserts at MOMA. If I could, I would buy these all. The lady there said these desserts are inspired by art exhibits at the museum. Look at the intricacy of each piece. Beautiful, isn't it? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


My girlfriend was sweet. On our last night in Sf, she got me cupcakes from miette at the ferry building. I didn't have time to eat them up north so they traveled with me to Oc. Sorry you didn't travel well cupcakes. I tried a carrot cake, ginger bread, chocolate, and vanilla one. I liked all except for carrot cake. Maybe cuz I'm not a big fan of that cake in general. I liked how the cupcakes stayed moist with no refrigeration and were delicious. A must go to place in Sf! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


We stayed at the W San francisco last weekend and being preggers means getting up early to feed your Lil one. While the fam was sleeping, I enjoyed a hotel breakfast me myself and I. Oh I mean me and baby in utero. I got this lovely coffee cake to start with $5 Oj. I couldn't decide so got the pancakes with blood orange and lemon curd plus egg sandwich. The pancakes were divine! Blood orange, yes please! The egg sandwich was a fried egg with arugula, side of sausage gravy and potatoes. I only had 1/4 of it. Maybe the arugula and gravy were too high end for me. Haha. I guess I was satisfied with my $30 breakfast. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Bi rite ice cream

My girlfriend tells me sf is known for ice cream. She took us to Humphrey slocomb one night and another friend took us to bi rite. Whooee, San franciscans take their ice cream seriously. They line up for it like cupcakes. After a little wait outside at bi rite, we entered and saw lots of flavors. I decided on the malted vanilla and salted caramel double scoop. Mmm! Good thing I don't live up north or I'd be a regular there. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Pizzeria Delfina

My hubby heard about pizzeria Delfina so we decided to try it last Saturday. The place is small and wait was long. Good thing we got to sit inside. Our meal consisted of spicy cauliflower, Italian rice balls, margherita pizza with fennel sausage and hen of the woods mushrooms and Sicilian pizza with onions and sausage. Everything was amazing! I think might be better than pizzeria mozza or pizzeria ortica. The food was so good that My Lil toddler inhaled her alive of margherita pizza then fell fast asleep in my dad's arms. A must try destination if you are in Sf! Good luck finding parking. We got lucky with a spot right across from restaurant. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Cha Cha Cha

My girlfriend recommended a few Sf restaurants for our Friday din. One of them was cha cha cha. She said: "cha cha cha - (2 locations, mission and haight) - cuban/tapas. i've been to the one in mission for their sangria (super good). heard their food is bomb. ppl recommended the shrimp appetizer." We ordered a bunch of food for my hubby, me and my friend. Fried calamari Plantains with black beans Sautéed mushrooms with spicy shrimp Potatoes Everything was delish especially since I love Cuban food. I was able to eat everything minus the sautéed mushrooms because it had sherry wine and I'm preggers. One tip going there is to find a spot at the bar. The wait for a table could be an hour. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Star bread

My brother in law was raving about this Filipino bakery in south San Fran so we had to go on our way to sf. Starbread is part of Ling Nam (a Chinese Filipino restaurant). When you order señorita bread, you wait six minutes for this heavenly goodness. The bread is like a crescent roll with honey in the middle. So good when it's warm. We ordered two orders of the 15 pieces for $6. Highly recommended if you're in daly city. Yum yum! Those lucky San Franciscans. Ps. I have more posts of food from this bay area trip. Yay! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Blueberry muffin

Today's pregnancy craving is blueberry muffins. I remember making these Betty Crocker muffins back when I was a kid. I think that's where I got into baking. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Chae Banh

On Monday, my mom and I grabbed lunch at Diamond Jamboree's Chae Banh. This Korean restaurant has the best kalbi and spicy radishes. Mmm! Look at that yummy goodness. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Decorate a cupcake

Babes and I attended a valentine's day party yesterday. They had a craft of decorating a cupcake. I may have found a new thing to do at a party. Looks like you frost your homemade cupcake, then provide icing, sprinkles and other decor to the wee ones. Below is babes creation. Tres chic, eh? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Madewell event 02/16

Click the image below for Madewell event happening on Thursday at south coast. Sounds fun! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

DIY chocolate covered strawberries

My latest pregnancy craving is chocolate covered strawberries. Because I don't feel like paying $6 a strawberry at a certain chocolatier, I made some this morning to devour before valentines day mañana. To make chocolate covered strawberries: 1. Get a mixing bowl and pot. 2. Put water in the pot and mixing bowl on top. Make sure water can't touch mixing bowl. 3. Turn on the stove at medium heat. 4. Grab a handful and half of dark chocolate chips (or chips of your choice). 5. Pour a cupful of milk and start stirring. 6. It will soon turn into a delicious chocolate melty goodness. 7. Once all melted, grab washed strawberries and begin dipping. 8. Place them on a flat sheet. I recommend putting foil first for easy cleanup later. 9. Once dipping is done, place sheet in fridge. Make sure nothing touches strawberries. You don't want it to fall down. 10. Chill for a few hours. You can do it day before eating or overnight so chocolate can stick 11. Enjoy the yummy goodness!


I have heard about these pregnancy pillows and always thought they were a gimmick. My aching back and side couldn't take it no more though so I researched which one has good reviews. The Snoogle was a popular choice for expectant woman. My Lil bro hooked me up with one and I got it from The ups guy. Oh, how I love amazon packages. My review of it is excellent. Where has this been all my life? I'm not a side sleeper normally And this thing forces me to sleep on my left side comfortably. It's like you're on a marshmallow. No aches this morning. Hooray! So pregnant readers, do get one! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

DIY Valentines

Chic and cheap nursery had a great post on 8 do it yourself valentine card ideas sourced from other sites. I think I'll do the hand one with little one. So cute, huh? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

How to follow nyfw

I've always wanted to go to New York's Fashion week. I was close one year by being in NYC for a business trip the same time fashion week was happening. For now, here are my tips. Follow the following handles on twitter: @cutblog @luckymagazine @bellasugar Follow these users on instagram: @luckymagazine @bellasugar Au revoir for now! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

S'more the merrier

I got my free birthday scoop at Baskin Robbin's today. The S'more the merrier flavor tastes jusr like s'mores. Mmm! Definitely recommend this flavor. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Gender reveal party

Yesterday, we had a Super bowl/my birthday/gender reveal party. Here are a few details from our party: Spot for people to vote. Boy was leading Before halftime After Madonna performed, we cut the cake. Team girl won! We verified by opening the envelope from the doctor. Yay! 18 more weeks til I meet baby girl - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Monarch Butterfly Day - Feb 4

Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley will host a free butterfly event this Saturday. I hope I can check it out as I love butterflies. More info: OC parks site - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sephora purchases

Since I'm pregnant, I've been hitting up Sephora a lot. Beauty products are an instant pick me up when my belly is expanding. Phyto Intense Hydrating Shampoo - This shampoo smells yummy and cleans my hair so well. Phyto Intense Hydrating Mask - This mask works like no other. My dry hair was instantly repaired. Thick braided band - I love that this fakes the braid look without the work. Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter - This body butter worked so well during my last pregnancy that I had to return. The orange scent smells so yummy. Mmm!