DIY chocolate covered strawberries

My latest pregnancy craving is chocolate covered strawberries. Because I don't feel like paying $6 a strawberry at a certain chocolatier, I made some this morning to devour before valentines day maƱana.

To make chocolate covered strawberries:

1. Get a mixing bowl and pot.
2. Put water in the pot and mixing bowl on top. Make sure water can't touch mixing bowl.
3. Turn on the stove at medium heat.
4. Grab a handful and half of dark chocolate chips (or chips of your choice).
5. Pour a cupful of milk and start stirring.
6. It will soon turn into a delicious chocolate melty goodness.
7. Once all melted, grab washed strawberries and begin dipping.
8. Place them on a flat sheet. I recommend putting foil first for easy cleanup later.
9. Once dipping is done, place sheet in fridge. Make sure nothing touches strawberries. You don't want it to fall down.
10. Chill for a few hours. You can do it day before eating or overnight so chocolate can stick
11. Enjoy the yummy goodness!

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