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30x30 remix - day twenty six

What a nice day to have lunch with a friend and walk around Old Town Pasadena. I'm wearing my H&M dress, black scarf, and Tahari flats.

Top Shop eye candy

I checked out Top Shop on Tuesday after getting bored at the Palazzo. This Vegas store was humongous and 3 stores big. I know I'm doing my remix challenge but couldn't help getting something for my bro and me. (Stay tuned for that post soon!) I loved everything about this store. It's definitely more bling-y than their NYC one. Their displays were awesome. I am in love with their coral platform heels, leather band bracelets, and rings. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

30x30 remix - day twenty five

Whoo hoo, only 5 more days left! This challenge was tough only having a few clothes available. I thought I'd wear something comfy on playdate and Tarjay errand day. I'm wearing an Additions mustard yellow tunic, Additions capri leggings and I cheated on my shoes. I'm wearing my flip flops from the Downtown Disney store.

Chapter One Sunday brunch

Last Sunday, my little bro had an idea to take my mom to brunch in Downtown Santa Ana. Chapter One is this cozy gastropub that serves yummy Sunday brunch. My hubby, mom and bro got $5 endless mimosas. I liked the fruit juices they got - orange, pineapple, grapefruit, and cranberry. My brother and I got their portobello mushroom burger with Parmesan crisp. It was delicious and I split half with my mom. The special k french toast was brioche bread with almonds, powdered sugar and strawberries. It made good leftovers the next morning. Hubby got the SOS which is their steak and eggs. I wanted to try but babes wanted to look at the jazz musician and dance. Little one had a few bites of Mac and cheese, though I'm Not sure she liked the bread crumbs and bacon on top. This place is definitely poppin'. I liked that the waiters sang along the jazz musician and the cozy warm vibe this place had. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

30x30 remix - day twenty four

Buh-bye Vegas! What a tiring morning traveling back.  I'm wearing a Motherhood taupe top, Brass Plum leggings, and White Mountain Tall Tail boots.

Enoteca Otto Pizzeria

On Monday night, we were starving on our first night in Vegas. I knew lil one likes pizza so decided on this Mario Batali restaurant at the Venetian. The menu was extensive and made it hard to decide. I decided on the grilled pork chop with apples and escarole for me and margherita pizza for little one. My Pork chop was perfection. The apple reduction made it slightly sweet and I liked that I could eat greens for the baby. It was a bummer my Lil one didn't like her pizza but feasted on bread and olive oil plus gelato. We are still not over our cold yet. This place is definitely go to spot. You can sit "outside" too to hear the performers at St. Mark's Square too. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

30x30 remix- day twenty three

What a tiring day! We went to the shark reef and m&m store and I'm beat. I'm wearing my Ann Taylor top, Motherhood maternity skinny jeans, and white mountain tall tale boots. We took these pix at the m&m store. Haha. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

C. Booth body wash

I saw this Kiehl's lookalike brand called C. Booth at Ulta the other day and decided it was worth a try. It has sesame and sunflower oil so good for my dry skin. It lather wells though I wish the scent wasn't so overwhelming. (Note to self: don't shop while you have a cold.) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

30x30 remix-day twenty two

Greetings from Vegas! I'm wearing my Frenchi sweater dress and White Mountain Tall Tail boots. I took this pic on the way to Fashion Show mall. I'll post what I saw there. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Macadamia healing infused comb

I've already tried the Argan oil, leave in conditioner, and jasmine hair serum. Thought I would try this macadamia healing infused comb after seeing it at Ulta. I've used it a few days and seems to be making my hair soft and manageable. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

30x30 remix-day twenty one

Whee, no more rain today!  I'm wearing an H&M floral top, Brass Plum leggings, and White Mountain Tall Tail boots.

Mo' macarons peez

My daughter loves macarons ever since a girlfriend gave her one from Miette in San Francisco.  I was reading Eater LA and found out a new macaron place called 'lette will be opening in Fashion Island this late spring. Ooh la la! There's another one in Garden Grove that I need to try.  Located in the plaza where Boiling Crab is, Chubbi Cakes has tropical flavors like taro and passionfruit that I want to try.

30x30 remix - day twenty

 Oops, late for church (again)! I'm wearing a comfy Jason Wu for Target dress and Tahari flats. I think it's gonna rain today so I'll grab a jacket just in case.

DIY Rueben sandwich

My hubby made corned beef and cabbage last week for St. Patrick's day. The next day, he made these yummy Rueben sandwiches. I've never had one before and loved it. I probably ate almost two sandwiches. Good thing I'm preggers! To make your very own: 1) Toast rye bread with provolone cheese. 2) Slice some roast beef. (We used corned beef from night before.) 3) Grab sauerkraut and heat it up on the stove in a pot. 4) Don't forget Thousand Island dressing! 5) Once you have all ingredients ready, create your sandwich by putting Thousand Island on the bread (mustard is optional) and place beef on bread and sauerkraut on top. 6) Voila! Enjoy this yummy goodness immediately. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Spa Week - 04/16 to 04/22

Did you hear Spa Week is back? It's this April 16 to 22. Save the dates. You can get $50 treatments at spas. I've tried going for a massage during spa week but it gets booked quickly. Maybe I can find a prenatal one. Hmmm... More info:

30x30 remix - day nineteen

I'm wearing a James Perse dress, haven't decided on shoes, and decided to add a new bracelet.  I got this handmade bracelet in Spain. I can't believe it's day nineteen already. I'm missing my other clothes in my closet like this cute coral top from Express and beige/black ruffly top from Uniqlo. Happy Saturday!

30x30 remix - day eighteen

I felt icky from my cold but was forced to go out for lunch and errands. I wish every place had expectant parking. I'm wearing Motherhood cargo pants, Poof Exclusive long sleeve tee, and Urban Outfitter shoes. I got my bola necklace fixed, so hooray!

Sweet & Saucy treats

I was in Long Beach the other week and just had to go to Sweet & Saucy. I got a salted caramel macaron and lemon cupcake for babes and me. Look at these beauties! I can't wait for their Newport Coast store to open. Yay! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

30x30 remix - day seventeen

I had sudden lunch plans today so had to grab something easy out of my closet.  I'm wearing a purple dot + red dot dress and Tahari flats today. 

Toddler iPad apps

I asked my girlfriend for advice on any recommendations for iPad apps. Here's her lil' list that keeps her almost 3 year old occupied and happy. -Elmo loves ABC -the Monster at the End of this Book -Jump Start preschool -Zoo train -Flash Cards ENG -AlphaTots -Tally Tots -First Words Animals -Preschool Photo Touch -phone4kids -Twinkle Star -ABC Song -AlphaBAby Free -Bob Books (BB Magic) -ABC Animals Enjoy!

30x30 remix - day sixteen

It's a sunny day so thought I'd wear yellow.  I'm wearing an Additions mustard yellow tunic, Brass Plum leggings and Tahari flats. I'm doing a curtsy as props to my daughter's ballet teacher.

Favorite things

I was inspired by this month's Allure where they have stylish women show how they wear peplum and name their favorite things. Here are some of my current favorite things: Shoes: Black Tahari flats or Toms Bag: H&M light pink crossover bag Jeans: Motherhood skinny blue jeans Hairstylist: Salon Thairapy in Huntington Beach Face cream: Vichy Aqualia UV or Body Shop Vitamin E cream with Kiehl's sunscreen Lip color: Fresh lip balm in Rose Nail polish: N/A Mascara: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess in black

30x30 remix - day fifteen

After a tough workout at the park today, I'm feeling lounge-y today. I'm wearing a Motherhood maternity tank, Additions capri leggings and Tahari flats.

I can't live without my...

Perlier white almond hand cream. (Hmm, just noticed my second post on hand lotion this week.) I started using this in high school and get it at TJ Maxx. It's under $10 so is a steal. The almond scent is heavenly. It feels a little greasy at first but seeps into your skin. Whenever I put it on, I know I'm in good hands. (Sorry, couldn't help the pun.) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

30x30 remix - day fourteen

It was a nice sunny yet chilly day today. Today was allergy shots and errands day. Ick! I'm wearing a Victoria Secret tee, Motherhood khaki slacks, and Tahari flats.

Simple Draw

I can't live without my iPhone. (Just ask my hubby. Haha!) I got this neat app for my little one and it seems to keep her and me entertained when she wants to draw. Simple Draw is like Paint on your computer but you use your finger. You have a choice of black, blue, yellow, green and red colors though she always asks me for purple. Sorry, babe, maybe in the next update. It's a free app so double score! Check it out next time you're browsing the app store. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

30x30 remix - day thirteen

It's a cold windy day in So Cal. What to wear to church?'s what I decided on. I'm wearing a Gap Maternity sweater, Gap Maternity tee, Motherhood skinny jeans, and White Mountain Tall Tale boots.

Eos hand lotion

I was at Babies R Us and spotted this new Eos hand lotion. I love the design of the bottle since it fits in my little crossover bag. The lotion sinks right into my hands and isn't greasy. A must try for fellow dry hands out there! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

30x30 remix - day twelve

It's a rainy day in So Cal and St. Patrick's Day. So much for wearing my new Jason Wu dress for a baby shower I'm hosting. I'm wearing a green-ish Frenchi dress and White Mountain Tall Tale boots. My jewelry is inspired by Birchbox's call for Neon. The blue bracelet is from an artist in Spain and orange rosary bracelet is from Canada. Happy Saturday everyone! Stay dry everyone.