Chapter One Sunday brunch

Last Sunday, my little bro had an idea to take my mom to brunch in Downtown Santa Ana.

Chapter One is this cozy gastropub that serves yummy Sunday brunch. My hubby, mom and bro got $5 endless mimosas. I liked the fruit juices they got - orange, pineapple, grapefruit, and cranberry.

My brother and I got their portobello mushroom burger with Parmesan crisp. It was delicious and I split half with my mom.

The special k french toast was brioche bread with almonds, powdered sugar and strawberries. It made good leftovers the next morning.

Hubby got the SOS which is their steak and eggs. I wanted to try but babes wanted to look at the jazz musician and dance.

Little one had a few bites of Mac and cheese, though I'm
Not sure she liked the bread crumbs and bacon on top.

This place is definitely poppin'. I liked that the waiters sang along the jazz musician and the cozy warm vibe this place had.

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