DIY Rueben sandwich

My hubby made corned beef and cabbage last week for St. Patrick's day. The next day, he made these yummy Rueben sandwiches. I've never had one before and loved it. I probably ate almost two sandwiches. Good thing I'm preggers!

To make your very own:
1) Toast rye bread with provolone cheese.
2) Slice some roast beef. (We used corned beef from night before.)
3) Grab sauerkraut and heat it up on the stove in a pot.
4) Don't forget Thousand Island dressing!
5) Once you have all ingredients ready, create your sandwich by putting Thousand Island on the bread (mustard is optional) and place beef on bread and sauerkraut on top.
6) Voila! Enjoy this yummy goodness immediately.

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