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Puma's Sneakerina

I almost forgot about my $25 gift certificate I got from Zappos at Lucky FABB last month. Since my sprained ankle injury a few weeks ago, I thought I should get some sneakers with good support that I can use around town. Enter Puma's Sneakerina. It's like a sneaker ballet flat. I kept seeing it at Rue La La but could never find my size. I'm so glad Zappo's had it. I've tried it on and love the support I have and sporty look. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Mascara wardrobe

Birchbox sent an idea for Birchbloggers to write about mascara wardrobe. Here are ones in my arsenal:  Light mascara Shiseido Perfect Mascara - When I want a natural and light mascara, I grab this Shiseido mascara. It gives me the perfect volume, separation, and length to my long lashes. Everyday mascara Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill - I'm in love with this volumizing mascara. It darkens my lashes and comes on thick to emphasize my brown eyes. Look at me mascara Dior Diorshow  - When I want a super volumizing glam lash look, my Dior never disappoints. I've been a fan forever and tell my girlfriends about this mascara. The thick brush makes it a breeze to apply. Comfy mascara Lancome Hypnose Drama -This Lancome one darkens my lashes and gives me just enough volume and is light to wear. Fluttery mascara Fresh Firebird Mascara - This discontinued mascara gives me fluttery lashes and reminds me of peacock spreading its wings.

Fashion profile: Sam W.

Editor note: I interviewed my friend Sam W. She's 24 and works as a Production Coordinator in the sweaters division for a major fashion label. How did you get interested in fashion? I've always been interested in the images people choose to project of themselves and fashion is  the number one way to do it! I think I really started to notice it in high school where everyone is pretty self conscious about their images and looking for a way to express themselves. It's nearly impossible not to say something about yourself with what you choose to wear. What's a typical work day like? Working in fashion is a huge collaborative effort. All departments are constantly working with each other in order to hit one goal- getting the style to the store. Design, production, planning, sales, merchandising, buying and logistics all work together so you can shop happy. It is a mass web of emails, office memos, fittings, and meetings that we all work throu

Melissa Magsaysay's new book

I'm a big fan of the LA Times All the Rage blog and love Melissa Magsaysay's writing. I recently found out that this former LA Times style editor and fellow Pinay has a new book out called "City of Style".  She writes about LA fashion from bohemian to rock. I can't wait to snag my copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. More info: Book link

Thread Flip

I stumbled on a great site called Thread Flip where you can shop inside other people's closets. I saw Fendi purses to H&M sweaters. The big plus is that everything is reasonably priced. You can also sell your clothing too. A Facebook account is required to purchase items. More info: Thread Flip


I have a couple browser windows open where I'm browsing some great sales. Here are some sites worth checking out: - great sale up to 70% off. A lot of dresses and petite items are available. - American Eagle launched their outlet site this week. The Aerie items are always so comfy. Target - @ExtraPetite reminded me that The Webster shop is up at Target. I'm thinking of getting some matching dresses for me and my toddler gal. The Miami vibe they got going on is a plus. - Panty sale, need I say more? - The woman's half yearly sale is on like Donkey Kong. A girlfriend showed me a cute sweater she got on her instagram post and reminded me it's time to browse the sale. - They are featuring 20% off selected items this holiday weekend. Ooh la la! Let's see what I can get delivered to my doorstep. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Bedtime books

My little one's bedtime routine usually starts at 8:30pm. I usually read three bedtime books followed by lullabies before we drift off to dreamland. Here are her favorite bedtime books: Nighty night by Sesame beginnings - each page shows a popular monster and talks about what they need for bedtime. I got it for a dollar at Target. Sleepy time by Gyo Fujikawa - this is the same book I read as a kid so definitely had to get it for her. This book has several pages and discusses how kids and animals go to sleep. It often reminds me to brush her teeth during those highs I forget. Good night moon by Margaret Wise Brown - this classic book is One I heard about from a mommy friend in Colorado. It's a nice book to wind down the day as each page you say good night to objects in a green room. My little one knows that it's time to close the lights after the last page.

Tewinkle Park

My favorite park of all time has to be Tewinkle Park in Costa Mesa. It's an accessible park with a foam floor, ramps and low equipment which makes me feel safe. My two year old loves this park too. More info: 970 Arlington Drive Costa Mesa, CA

Aden + Anais muslin blanket

My girlfriend raved how great the muslin blankets are for swaddling in the summer, so I definitely had to get some. I got the pink and yellow to use on my little bundle of joy.

Offi magazine rack

Years ago, hubby and I went furniture shopping in LA. He's a big fan of modern furniture and got us this neat wooden magazine rack. It used to live in the living room per-baby and now sadly is unused in our office. Maybe I can convert it to hold my little one's books. Hmmm.

Ball Chair

My hubby has raved about getting a ball chair forever and finally got one last year. The retro modern look definitely stands out at our place. The white and red color is bright and chair is surprisingly comfortable. A toddler plus - it makes a great hiding place when playing hide and seek.

Lauren Conrad's "The Fame Game"

I made my brother pick me up a book at Barnes yesterday. He was so embarrassed to go the teen section to get me Lauren Conrad's latest book called "The Fame Game". I'm a few chapters in and like it. The book covers fame hungry Madison Parker after the last LA Candy novel. I've read all the LA Candy novels and love that it's a nice easy read when I want go escape. Lauren does a great job of being current with mentions of TMZ and popular LA hotspots. It's like the Hills minus annoying Heidi and Spencer. PS. I've been on bedrest since last Monday, so that's why you haven't seen any outfit of the day posts. I'll try to keep the posts going as I await delivery of my baby gal. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

I can't live without my

...Camelbak Groove Filter bottle. I can easily guzzle 20 oz of water with this bite straw they have. It's only $18.69 at REI now and a great investment.

April Birchbox review

I'm so excited to try my May Gossip Girl Birchbox. Here's my review on April Birchbox: Atelier cologne orange sanguine petite cologne absolue - this perfume was nice and light. The orange scent was very subtle. Yes To blueberries brightening facial towelettes - I love that this is natural. Kinda reminds me of a baby wipe but face felt clean and refreshed afterwards. Marula the Leakey collection Omega rich pure marula oil - I tried it one night as a night cream. I woke up with soft skin and like this oil. Soya true spring collection - I gave the nail polish to my mom. The taupe color is a nice neutral color. Wedela pomegranate firming night cream - love this night cream. It has pomegranate so smells yummy. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Favorite toddler outfits

I love dressing my two year old and being her stylist. Here are two outfits that I love. Top: Old Navy / Pants: Calvin Klein leggings Top & pants: Circo - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

What's in my purse

Inspired by magazines who cover what are in celebrity's bags, I decided I'll let everyone peep what's in my purse. Purse: H&M Contents: Luna bars, Christian Dior wallet, Fresh Sugar lip balm, asthma inhaler Not pictured: Marc Jacobs sunglasses - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

TJ Maxx beauty buys

I love going to TJ Maxx to get affordable gifts. This time, I was able to look at stuff for myself. I got such great beauty stuff like a microfiber hair towel, gel booties, and Japonique eyeshadow brush. The hair towel definitely saves my hair drying time. Can't wait to use the gel booties to fix my dry feet. The eyeshadow brush is a steal at $2.99 compared to $15 brushes elsewhere. I'm proud to be a Maxxinista. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

OOTD - Zebra print dress

My mom was cleaning her closet and I scored some great clothes. I'm usually not a Zebra print person but this one is cute. I'm wearing an Annalynn Paige New York dress and Tahari flats.

Origins Ginzing eye cream

I finally received my order and got my Origins Ginzing eye cream. I love this eye cream. It's very moisturizing and seems to hide my puffiness and dark circles. It goes great under my Armani master corrector too. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

OOTD - Burgundy floral tee

I'm loving my new clothes from my friend. I guess I'm in a floral mood. Today, I'm wearing a Old Navy maternity burgundy floral tee, Brass Plum leggings, and Bench sneakers.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I have been reading The Glow since reading about it on Daily Candy. I love that this site celebrates mothers and their children. It's neat hearing how they balance the fashion world with motherhood too.

Fun reads

Here are a few reads piling in my inbox. Have fun reading! Sneaky ways to score stuff online - Lucky Instagram like necklace on Etsy - Daily Candy Mommy and me photo ideas - Chic and Cheap Nursery

OOTD - Floral tee

My friend hooked me up with some great maternity clothes. I can't wait to rock them. Isn't this tee cute and springy? I'm wearing a Duo black and white floral tee, Motherhood maternity jeans, and Bench sneakers.

Venice canals

I have always wanted to check out the Venice canals, since I always see it featured in movies or commercials. My brother finally took me and babes the other weekend. Hooray! If you are on Abbott Kinney or the boardwalk, it's walking distance. The cross streets you need to look for are Carroll Ct or Eastern Canal Ct. Check out this charming view: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

OOTD - Love my Express corral tee

I am finally feeling like myself again. Preggo with a sprain ankle is no fun! I'm wearing an Express coral tee, no name leggings, Bench sneakers, and pregnancy bola charm necklace.

Monster theme party

A few weeks ago, we attended a friend's birthday party for her son turning one. Everything was so darling. I loved the monster theme and DIY details. The fruit salad had watermelon, Blueberries and pineapple going on. Her display for brownie pops, cake pops, and chocolate covered Oreos were so creative. Who knew you could do that with a car wash mitt? She made those pops herself too. Whoa! Hope this inspires you for your next party! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


The other weekend, I forced my brother to drive me and my little one to Venice for lunch and so we can hang out. He ditched my shower for Coachella. I had heard about Lemonade from the Eater LA blog. Jessica Alba was spotted at the Beverly hills location so thought it must be good. This Venice location was big and had lots of window to check out the busy Abbott Kinney street. There were a lot of friendly LA people out and my little one loved dancing with other kids and waving hi. Lemonade is set up cafeteria style with gourmet comfort food and salads. My health conscious brother and I (um, I try to be) got a 4 half portion and 6 half portion of various salads. He also got a yummy caprese sandwich with arugula salad with lemon dressing. I tried their blood orange lemonade too. They had an awesome array of desserts to choose from. We snagged a red velvet cake to go for our trip back to OC. Overall, it was really good and made me wish we had a place like this in OC. The cafeteria line Des

Downtown HB purchases

The Other week, we walked around Main Street in Downtown Huntington Beach. With a few hours to kill during my lil one's nap, my mom and I shopped at Shoe Lab and Forever 21. Shoe lab had a great array of scarfs for $18. I decided on the coral one since I don't really own any scarves. Forever 21 had great long necklaces. My new fave! I wore the brown one already for my Lucky FABB outfit. I have yet to wear the green one. Hmmm... - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


I really love this coral dress at Forever 21. I saw it at the Huntington Beach store the other week and it's only $29.50. Being preggo right now, it won't fit but maybe I can get it after June. It will motivate me to lose the baby weight. Hmmm... - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Annual Rocket Launch - 05/19

A free family event with food trucks in Huntington Beach, I'm there! This all day event on May 19 allows you and launch rockets with a 2 liter bottle and meet a real astronaut. More info: Registration link - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Jellypop was another great brand featured at Lucky FABB. They have great shoes available online and in stores. Their booth featured a creative display featuring shoes. Bloggers could also take a video in their colorful booth to share on their blog. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Vanilla Bake Shop

Lucky FABB West 2012 - In a suite overlooking a pool at the Annenberg Community Beach house, there were a lot of cool brands represented like Vanilla Bake Shop. I wish I could devour their entire dessert table, but trying one chocolate with vanilla frosting cupcake sufficed. It was a nice moist cupcake with a hint of sweetness for the frosting. Their shop is located in Santa Monica if you are ever in the area. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Photo a day may challenge

I was browsing my instagram and saw my friend taking part in the photo a day may challenge. Looks great! I think I may join in. More info: Link Ps. I sprained my ankle yesterday so out of commission for a lil' bit. I'll try to keep the fun posts going though. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

House of Zappos

The House of Zappos was one of the features of Lucky FABB. Each room was perfectly set against the stunning ocean views and cool breeze. Each pop up room was decorated with the latest trends and fashions from Zappos. Upstairs, I created a video of Zappos style that I posted on Monday. I even got a $25 gift card too. Here's a peek of what I saw: - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone