Bedtime books

My little one's bedtime routine usually starts at 8:30pm. I usually read three bedtime books followed by lullabies before we drift off to dreamland.
Here are her favorite bedtime books:
Nighty night by Sesame beginnings - each page shows a popular monster and talks about what they need for bedtime. I got it for a dollar at Target.
Sleepy time by Gyo Fujikawa - this is the same book I read as a kid so definitely had to get it for her. This book has several pages and discusses how kids and animals go to sleep. It often reminds me to brush her teeth during those highs I forget.
Good night moon by Margaret Wise Brown - this classic book is One I heard about from a mommy friend in Colorado. It's a nice book to wind down the day as each page you say good night to objects in a green room. My little one knows that it's time to close the lights after the last page.


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