The other weekend, I forced my brother to drive me and my little one to Venice for lunch and so we can hang out. He ditched my shower for Coachella.

I had heard about Lemonade from the Eater LA blog. Jessica Alba was spotted at the Beverly hills location so thought it must be good.

This Venice location was big and had lots of window to check out the busy Abbott Kinney street. There were a lot of friendly LA people out and my little one loved dancing with other kids and waving hi.

Lemonade is set up cafeteria style with gourmet comfort food and salads. My health conscious brother and I (um, I try to be) got a 4 half portion and 6 half portion of various salads. He also got a yummy caprese sandwich with arugula salad with lemon dressing. I tried their blood orange lemonade too. They had an awesome array of desserts to choose from. We snagged a red velvet cake to go for our trip back to OC. Overall, it was really good and made me wish we had a place like this in OC.

The cafeteria line

Desserts galore

My plate had purple potatoes, kale salad with mushrooms, Brussel sprouts, summer squash salad with corn, beet salad, and pasta salad.

My brother for cous cous, beet salad, and other ones I forgot to try.

His caprese sandwich was ah-maz-ing.

Mmm, red velvet made it home alright.

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