Mascara wardrobe

Birchbox sent an idea for Birchbloggers to write about mascara wardrobe. Here are ones in my arsenal: 
Light mascara
Shiseido Perfect Mascara - When I want a natural and light mascara, I grab this Shiseido mascara. It gives me the perfect volume, separation, and length to my long lashes.
Everyday mascara
Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill - I'm in love with this volumizing mascara. It darkens my lashes and comes on thick to emphasize my brown eyes.
Look at me mascara
Dior Diorshow  - When I want a super volumizing glam lash look, my Dior never disappoints. I've been a fan forever and tell my girlfriends about this mascara. The thick brush makes it a breeze to apply.

Comfy mascara

Lancome Hypnose Drama -This Lancome one darkens my lashes and gives me just enough volume and is light to wear.

Fluttery mascara

Fresh Firebird Mascara - This discontinued mascara gives me fluttery lashes and reminds me of peacock spreading its wings.


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