SF: playgrounds

There's no shortage of playgrounds in San Fran. With an active toddler on my hands, my hubby and I took her to two that are worth mentioning.

Alamo square:
This one has a lovely view of the hilly city and the stroller walk up to the playground allows you to catch a glimpse of the Painted Ladies. What's that? C'mon, you remember the opening credits of Full House. There's two playgrounds - one for Lil ones and one for big kids. it's gated too so your kid can't escape.

Yerba Buena Play Circle:
This garden is amazing just by itself, but this playground is epic. The metal slides are fun for even my hubby to go on. Lots of water spray areas if kiddos are hot. There's a teeny slide that's safe for kiddos. The view of the tall buildings makes it even better. Lots of shade is available too.

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