Topshop fashion party

I was in Costa Mesa last Saturday so I could visit my tailor to alter my bridesmaid dress.

 Luckily, I timed it so I can go to the Nordstrom Topshop fashion party. They had a cool dj playing tunes, models wearing Topshop clothes, makeup artist showing off new cosmetics, and a neat Topshop background to snap pictures with. I loved the red phone booth for that British touch.

I tried on so many clothes and couldn't decide. Luckily, my BFF helped me with helpful text messages and calls to narrow down my choices.

The beaded shorts were cute but not practical for a mom like me. I loved the lacy nude dress but wasn't sure where I can wear it to. The cream long skirt was cool too, but not sure how many times I'd wear it.

I decided on the coral scallop top and black flowery peplum top. I think these can go with jeans, leggings or shorts I have. These can be dressed up or down too.

One plus from spending $100+ is I got a cool gift. Check out the lovely nail polish and lipstick. I can totally wear this oxblood lipstick and polish can go to my mom since I don't really wear polish.

I love that Topshop is so close to me now. Can't wait to see what new merchandise they get later!


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