Daiso eye candy

Last weekend, hubby, nephew and I went to Daiso Japan to kill time while the gals napped with my sister in law.

If you haven't heard of Daiso, imagine a 99 cent store of Japanese goods except everything is $1.50 each. If you are ever in the Irvine area, definitely check this spot out!

Here's a sample of things I saw:

Chopstick holders

Perfect masks for Halloween

Where were these erasers when I was in school?

Awesome loofah for the shower

Facial massage anyone?

Hair accessories galore

Perfect item to hold up hair ties (hubby said I couldn't get it)

Fork holder for your lunchbox or purse

Stainless steel soap to rub out funky odors from your hand. You know that funky seafood smell after you eat.

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