Nordstroms Rack me time

Last Friday, while my hubby and toddler napped, I snuck out with the baby for some me time. I knew the perfect place to go. Starbucks drive thru and Huntington Beach Nordstrom Rack.

It was so nice when my baby napped so I could look at everything in the store. I found so many great things to try on. A record 12 items for me from Dalmatian jeans, tops, to blouses. It was "love at first sight" indeed.

I ended up with so many cute things. Pictured below are green Dalmatian jeans for $20, Love on a Hanger white v neck for $7 (perfect for my colored denim), Splendid yellow striped tank for $19, and Lush button up blouse (perfect for leggings or jeans) for $10.

Great finds don't you think? I should be a personal shopper or stylist. Ha!

@HB_Rack tweeted me what am I loving for fall. I answered: "For fall, I'm loving oxblood anything, ankle and tall boots, sneaker wedges, mid rise jeans, and polka dots."

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