Things I've been eyeing

I have been eyeing a few things lately. Let's see what I get...
Naly Jewels lip bracelet - I first saw this on Jeannie Mai's instagram and immediately fell in love with it. I even messaged the seller on Etsy. Such a cute bracelet for $18.
Black wedge sneakers - I was searching these sneakers and found a steal on GoJane. I better hurry while they have their sneaker sale. $18 wedge sneakers, oh my!
Wedela firming night cream - I have been using this sample from Birchbox and totally running out. I love that it uses pomegranate and seems to firm up my skin.
Medical bracelet - I love this stylish Chan Luu-style bracelet. Who knew announcing something so vital could be so chic?
Petunia diaper bag - My JuJuBe diaper bag has lost its appeal. My girlfriend has the blue satchel and I secretly want to steal hers. This plum color is nice.


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