Forever 21 Hello Kitty must see

Forever 21 just launched a Hello Kitty collaboration recently and I knew I had to check it out being the Sanrio fan that I am. The South Coast Plaza store is huge and they had a dedicated section just for Hello Kitty. I really wanted the black and white striped sweater with red bow tie, but unfortunately they didn't have it.

If you do check out the store in person or online, here are my picks:

Long sleeve pink tee with hidden Hello Kitty

Bad Badz Maru black and white sweater

Peter Pan collar dress

Taupe blouse with tie

Couture inspired top

Peplum top

Hello Kitty slipper boots

I restrained myself and purchased a few things like these yellow Hello Kitty flip flops, Hello Kitty beanie, and Hello Kitty sweater.

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