Izakaya Yu

Last Friday, hubby, my mom  and the gals decided to try a new Japanese restaurant in town. I love yakitori and small plates so thought this would be perfect.

My expectations were right on. We ordered a number of items to share.

The highlights were the grilled salmon which they sear before your eyes at your table. In my case, it was the next table for safety reasons with my gals.

The pork belly stew was delicious. It had a hard boiled egg and sprouts in a light soy sauce broth. My mom said it reminded her of the Filipino tamarind soup sinagang.

Some honorable mentions are the agadashi tofu and yakitori skewers. You can never go wrong with these items. Our yakitori items included fried garlic, corn, pork belly with green onion and pork belly covered in bacon. Mmm Mmm good, I'm getting hungry just writing this.

OC and LA folks can yelp Izakaya Yu in Fountain Valley for more info on this yummy spot.

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