Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail strips

I don't like getting manicures because I know it will never last long. However, I saw these cool Sally Hansen nail strips at my local Target and TJ Maxx and was intrigued. The label says no DPB or icky chemicals and it will last up to 10 days. Ooh la la!

It's day 6 and my nails are still holding up with all the abuse of hand washing I put it through. It came with easy to follow instructions and tools to make the process super easy. After the standard pre-filing and buffing your nails, all you do is find a strip to match your nail size, take off the plastic wrap and affix it to your nail and then file it down. Voila! No drying time.

I'm wearing Snow Bunny this week. I also bought this cool lace snakeskin print to use next.

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