Body Shop picks

I fell in love with Body Shop since discovering their store in London back in high school. It was way before their stores were in the US. I'm so glad I can find their stuff anywhere. When I say anywhere, I mean in the Denver airport terminal as I waited for a Southwest flight. It's like that airport has a mini-mall inside it.
My picks from my recent shopping trip there included these four items. They had a cool buy 3, get 1 free special at the time.

Blush - It reminds me of a Benefit blush with a highlighter and coral color. (Not pictured)

Satsuma body butter - I loved this scent when I was preggo with my first baby and still love the smell afterwards. It's such an uplifting scent.

Vitamin E illuminating moisture cream - One time, the store ran out of my regular moisturizer and had this illuminating one. It has a slight pink sheen and perfect to give me some color.

Hair butter - I haven't tried this yet, but got it since my hair misbehaves sometimes. I need to figure out if it's an hair styling product or deep hair conditioner.


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