Christmas goodies

Christmas has come and gone. Why do the holidays seem to go by faster every year?

After an amazing Christmas in Colorado and New Years Eve in LA, the new year has had a rocky start with illnesses galore. At least with the downtime, I can finally sit down and enjoy my gifts. I'm blessed with great family and friends who spoiled me this year. Here's a sample of goodies I got.

Lash stash - This is Sephora's mascara sampler that I covet every year and finally have. Yay!

Medical bracelet - I finally got this wrap bracelet from Etsy and now need to engrave it.

Proenza Schouler (Target & Neiman Marcus collab) sweatshirt - I love this sweatshirt. That is all.

New jewelry from my mom - jade bracelet from Singapore, pearl ring, hemp bracelet, and black beaded bracelet from the Philippines - I am a sucker for bling. My mom knows me too well.

Waffle maker - My brother got me a cool waffle maker. He knows I love breakfast. This would be perfect for paninis too.

Dress - hubby got me a cute dress from Japan. I'm still thinking how I'll style this. Maybe with a belt or leggings.
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