OC Fashion Week: Haute Couture Lily Blue Part 2

The Lily Blue presentation at OC Fashion Week Haute Couture was so epic with fifteen models. The first part of the show had angelic coats. Check out yesterday's post to see a recap of those coats. Lily Blue's background in dance illustrates that she understands movement and the feminine spirit.

I was already impressed with the angelic coats that reminded me of a haute couture version of Harry Potter cloaks, but was in for a treat when the models came out on the runway in the dress collection.

The designs were sensual, feminine,  free spirited, and delicate all in one. The dresses had such movement and personality to it. One dress even had two layers on the bottom that the model twirled to reveal the second layer. The accessories adorned on the hair and arms were exquisite. They complimented the designs perfectly and formed a perfect marriage to the breathtaking dresses.

My favorite had to be the Halle Berry lookalike model in the orange slinky crepe-like dress where she worked the outdoor runway in such a sensual way with the use of her hips and arms.

The  finale dress was this stunning draped white/ivory slinky dress with a caped hood.

Seeing the final walk through only showcased the diversity she had in her collection down to the the coats and dresses that were artful masterpieces.


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