OC Fashion Week: Haute Couture Rohini Bedi

The second designer of the night at OC Fashion Week Haute Couture's fashion show last Saturday was Rohini Bedi.

A designer who blends East and West influences, Rohini has previously presented at New York Fashion Week and OC Fashion Week. She has recently opened her flagship studio “Fashion by Rohini” in Cerritos, CA.

When the first model came out with the rich tapestry dress, deep v neckline, and thick crimped hair, I was awe struck just like everyone else. The fusion of traditional Eastern wear with the modern technique was definitely evident in all of her designs.

My favorite had to be the final dress, which was a navy blue and black tight velvety dress. It was so dramatic when she came out covering her face and hair in a cape. When she finally revealed the whole dress, people were clapping and loved the gorgeous design.

More info:
Rohini Bedi Web site


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