Pia Gladys Perey fashion show recap

On Wednesday night, my friend Noelle and I attended the Pia Gladys Perey show during Style Week LA/LA Fashion Week. The venue was a the beautiful Vibiana in Downtown Los Angeles. I love the architecture of this old cathedral. I attended a Pamper Me Fabulous event here before and loved this location.

We arrived there and took some cool pictures on the red carpet. It was fun mingling in the courtyard and seeing some products being showcased like jewelry, make up, and beverages. At 10pm, it was show time. Once we were inside, we saw fashionistas in attendance and media covering the show. It was really exciting to see the Fall 2013 LA Debut.

To be honest, I hadn't researched Pia before I attended but was immediately in awe once I saw the first looks of her designs. I was in love with the leather leggings and skirts in the beginning of her show but then once I saw her draped dresses I was speechless. I loved the confident, comfortable, and effortless fashion from Pia. The way the dresses moved on the models was so edgy, classy, yet fashionable all in one. The white dresses with the stole was so classic Hollywood.  I definitely need to get a Pia Gladys Perey dress.

More info:
Pinay designer Pia Gladys Perey to host solo show at LA Fashion Week via Pinoy Weekly
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Pia Gladys Perey Web site


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