What's in my purse

I haven't done a what's in my purse post in awhile. Here are some of my essentials I tug around in my Urban Expressions purse I bought at a No Rest for Bridget outlet sale.

Tortoise sunglasses - I found these on Ebay and they are the best $8 I ever spent. I've received so many compliments.

Kid essentials - Bandaid because you never know if you might need one. Crayons because you can draw anywhere when you and the kid are bored. Bebe au lait nursing cover for the little bebe.

Christian Dior wallet - Hubby bought this for my birthday years ago and it has to be my favorite gift ever. I think it's because it has my D initial.

iPhone 5 - If I could surgically attach this to my hand, I would. I'm constantly on it using Baby Geek, Twitter, Instagram, emailing, and texting.

Business cards - I learned from my dad to never leave home without one. You never know when the next networking opportunity is.

Cosmetics case from my trip from Vietnam - This houses my little survival kit like Fresh Sugar for my chapped lips, Clinique High Impact lipstickYSL Glossy Stain, and asthma inhaler. 

Car key - This is the most important one or else I couldn't go anywhere.

Pen - Never leave home without a pen. 


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