How do you hold onto a memory? Is it through a photograph, capturing a video, having an Instagram gallery, or freezing that handprint in time?

I like to do all of the above, but especially love handprints.

At my parents' home, the first homeowner did cute handprints of his family in cement in the backyard when they used to live there. Just recently, he knocked on their door to stroll down memory lane. I learned that those handprints of his children and then wife. The children are now in their 50's and wife is an ex-wife. I am so glad my dad saved this piece of history of the home and that man's life.

I have also imprinted my first daughter's hands when she was 5 months old. It is nice to look back to see how little she once was.

I really recommend imprinting your own handprints or family's handprints to hold on to those special memories.


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