Las Vegas: Sushi Samba

Sushi Samba is unlike any other restaurant I have been to. The restaurant blends Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian flavors so the menu has eclectic choices like waygu beef, sushi rolls, small plates, and large plates.

On my first night in Las Vegas, the family and I headed to the Palazzo to try this restaurant that boasted good reviews on Yelp. I was immediately impressed with the decor. I loved the dark yet grimacing Japanese graffiti like artwork on the walls and on top of the kitchen.

I decided what to get for the table, so got the sashimi combo for my dad. Look at that sashimi on ice presentation. Amazing!

My mom and I shared a few dishes:

Rock shrimp tempura - It had a spicy mayo and peas on it. It was super tasty and a different way to do tempura for a tempura lover like me.
Filet mignon - Three ounces of heaven. It was seasoned Brazillian style and had lime and spicy salt and pepper as seasoning.

Chicken skewers with Peruvian corn - This was a surprise find for me. It was meant for my little one but she didn't like the teriyaki chicken so I got her miso soup instead. I glady ate it. The corn was delicious.

Huancaina Fries - I didn't know what to expect since this was meant for my little one. My mom and I liked these cute baby potatoes seasoned with cheese and chives. It was another surprise hit for me!

The bill was on the pricey side, but YOLO, right? You must try this place.


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