Las Vegas: Topshop eye candy

I still remember going to Topshop Las Vegas last year. I was way preggo and loving everything, but was way too big for anything and only got a lavender top and bowtie for my brother.

This time around, I enjoyed Topshop even more. The sections I hit up first were jewelry and shoes. It was pure heaven. If I could get every necklace and bracelet, I would be a happy gal.

Shoes! Call me Imelda Marcos, but I love shoes. I really wanted some blush sandals but of course I couldn't find my size. The ankle strap white and blue heels were lovely too. The cobalt blue heels with the silver detail would be perfect with a pair of jeans.

As always, I love the giant over the top visuals in the store. It's unlike any other store. The mannequins and visual displays are top notch. I think other stores should take notes. I bow down to you, Topshop. Until we meet again!


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