Sprinkles ice cream

Yesterday afternoon, I wanted to try Sprinkles Ice Cream. I fell in line with lots of Asians, Newport high school kids, UCI students, and fellow dessert fans. The wait was a little over an hour, but thank goodness for Twitter and Instagram so I can catch up on Lucky FABB coverage. I'm glad that I didn't go on opening day on Wednesday since I heard the wait was over 3 hours long. Wowzers!

A lovely employee handed out menus and stickers while you wait in line.  She  recommended the Sprinkles cupcake sundae, which is a Sprinkles cupcake cut in half with a scoop of ice cream in the middle. The popular one there is red velvet cupcake with cap n crunch ice cream.

Customers are allowed to sample two ice cream flavors. My choices were the cap n crunch and salted caramel. The cap n crunch was too buttery, while the salted caramel was more salty than sweet. I love salted caramel. I ended up with the red velvet ice cream. It had red velvet cupcake with a hint of cream cheese in the ice cream. It was one smooth tasting scoop. The red velvet waffle cone had a nice touch of chocolate too. 

I got my daughter a kids scoop of vanilla bean ice cream with a cute mini sugar cone. I wish I could have tried it out, but someone didn't want to share.

My other purchases was the salted oatmeal cornflake cookie and peanut butter pretzel chip. I can't wait to try those. 

More info:
Sprinkles Ice Cream is open Sunday to Wednesday 12 to 11 and Thursday to Saturday 12 to 12. It is located two doors down to Sprinkles in Newport Beach. 


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