Blackmarket Bakery

I've heard so many good things about Blackmarket Bakery. Yelp and Where magazine sings its praises, so I knew I had to try it.

The new location at the Camp in Costa Mesa is really nice. It's spacious inside with seating and an open kitchen to watch bakers do their magic. There were so many delicious treats to choose from that it made it hard to decide. I ended up getting the popular black widow tart, largo tart, and seasonal cobbler.

The black widow tart is dark chocolate ganache on top of caramel in a chocolate tart shell. My hubby who doesn't have a sweet tooth like me liked this tart a lot. That's saying a lot.

The largo tart had fresh berries on top of citrus cream. It was a perfect and light spring like dessert.

The seasonal tart was a blackberry and raspberry tart on top of a buttery crust. I loved this tart and can picture having it at brunch with a chai tea. Yum!


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