Happy Mother's Day!

Life with a one and three year old has taught me lots on mommyhood. Thought I would share these tidbits.

Happy Mother's Day to all the gorgeous fashionista moms out there!

1. The Starbucks drive thru is your best friend.

2. When in doubt, ask your mommy friends or mom for advice.

3. Remember, this tantrum only lasts a few minutes so don't lose your cool.

4. Try to follow a schedule to keep your sanity.

5. Sunshine or a cupcake always works wonders.

6. Take showers at night. Pre- plan a week's outfits. Make sure your makeup and arm candy are organized. Always
bring lip balm, lip gloss, and hand cream.

7. Last but not least, a smile or laugh from them can erase all the stress away.


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