Southern CA Spring Garden Show recap

The other weekend, my parents and I took the baby to the Southern California Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza. I had always wanted to go and finally did.

I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly delighted to see three floors of plants and flowers on display and for sale. We only had time to view the third floor of orchids and flowers and second floor of plants and succulents.

I loved all the orchids and tropical flowers. My favorite flower had to be the vanda on sale for $30. My mom even told me this vanda is grown in the Philippines too.

There were many impressive plants in original designs such as succulents in boxes, plants designed into a chair, and plants with a fairytale theme. I brought home a succulent in a box and love it. It sits on my kitchen windowsill.

Going to this garden show definitely piqued my interest. Who knows, I may go to another garden show with my parents? 


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