Asian Garden Mall night market

Last night, I was in for a treat when we went to the Asian Garden Mall night market. It was a foodie dream. There were so many food booths to choose from. I also saw booths selling swords, bubble guns, and other cheap toys.The trick is to park in the back off of Bishop when you attend and walk to the front parking lot.

The food standouts were the rice cake from Nha Tranh that were topped with onion with a nuco mam dipping sauce, Tastea peach sweettea full of strawberries and peach to sip on, coconut waffle with a hint of pandan, and refreshing papaya salad with shrimp and peanuts.

The Asian Garden Mall night market goes on until September 1 on the weekends. The hours are 7pm to midnight on Friday and Saturday and 7pm to 11pm on Sunday. Definitely check it out! It'll remind you of the night markets in Hong Kong.


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