Il Farro

On Monday night, we were in Newport Beach for a stroll on the pier and to stalk the fishermen. Hubby met up with us so we can get dinner together. He found a new restaurant called Il Farro. It's right behind Seaside Donuts that I'm surprised I have never seen it before. The menu looked authentic so I was happy to try something new.

I had a hard time on decided on a spinach ravioli with mushrooms or pasta vesuvio dish. The waiter suggested the pasta vesuvio dish, which is penne pasta with pink sauce and chicken breasts with mushroom, artichokes, and tomatoes. Everything was delicious. It had to be the first time I finished my plate.

Hubby tried a farro risotto. The farro is a glutten free grain perfect for all those low carb or no carb lovers out there. The farro grain had a neat nutty and grainy taste to it. Pretty good.

For dessert, we shared the chocolate profiteroles. Inside these Italian cream puffs were custard and topped with dark chocolate syrup. They were scrumptious, but a little too decadent for my big one. She just wanted the chocolate syrup.

I definitely recommend this spot! Great service and great food equals a good time.


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