iSanctuary bracelet

I had a Ferris Bueller's day off last Saturday. My day included a dentist appointment (no cavities and blinding white teeth. yay!), 2.5 hour facial that was too indulgent and a little long, and a quick stop to the Camp in Costa Mesa. I got some treats at Blackmarket Bakery. To top it off, I got myself a little bracelet from  Seed People's Market to remind me of my relaxing day.

This iSanctuary bracelet is really unique with a wonderful message behind it. Their Web site says "through the sale of products handmade by human trafficking to end human trafficking". It's such a noble goal. According to their Web site, there were some shocking statistics posted like Mumbai, India is Asia's largest sex industry center and girls are sold into brothels for $100.

More info:
iSanctuary Web site


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