I had heard about Pieology awhile back. It was called a Chipotle for pizza. That had me intriqued. Make my pizza before my very eyes. Ooh la la!

This casual dining restaurant in Irvine Spectrum sure packs a line at lunchtime. The lunch crowd is a mix of moms and yuppies on their lunch break. After a little wait in line, I was excited to order my pizza. I got the #4 which is CLASSIC CHEESE PIE : red sauce, mozzarella, olive oil and I added my own toppings like ham, garlic, basil, and mushroom. I watched them put the ingredients on swiftly and put it in the giant oven behind them. My pizza was ready in a few minutes. Hooray!

So what did I think of this create your own pizza concept? I'm a Belieber, I mean believer. I liked the thin crust and how flavorful all the ingredients were. The olive oil had a nice touch so the pizza wasn't dry like typical delivery pizzas.

Definitely check this spot out if you're at the Spectrum, OC folks!


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