Wedding nostalgia & advice

This summer has been turning out to be wedding season. I have my second wedding to attend in San Diego in two weeks.

With all the weddings happening, it only makes me reminisce. I have been married six years and loved my wedding day. It was perfect in every way minus the inexperienced bartender, wrong bridesmaid bouquets, flower girl outgrowing her dress, DJ not playing correct entrance music, photographer not taking more pictures at reception, and priest flubbing the homily. These were all things I noticed but didn't care because it was all about being present and in the moment. My wedding day was surreal and like a dream. To dress in a big wedding gown and be a princess for a day was a blast.

I thought I'd share some wedding tidbits for brides to be:
Wedding ingredients - a list of my wedding details on my special summer day

Wedding Pinterest - I started this for my soon to be sis in law for inspiration. 

Words of wisdom:
-Don't sweat the small stuff
-Have a different hairstyle for the ceremony and reception
-Warn your guests in the invite if your reception is outdoors. Hehe
-Hire a wedding coordinator. 
-Don't stress.
-Tell your photographer what shots to take. For example, give a list of photos you like such as photos of guests mingling, kids dancing, bride and mom, groom with all his close friends, etc. It's such a busy day that you don't have time to chase the photographer to tell them what photo to take. 
- Who cares if things aren't on schedule? Just wing it. 
- Remember to eat!


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