Champion food

In all my years of dining out, I've tried mom and pop places to the fancy chef restaurants. It is kind of refreshing to find a diamond in the rough. Surpringly, my brother found Champion Food in Fountain Valley after browsing YouTube and Yelp for Taiwanese food. He described it as take out dim sum. Ooh la la, this sister was intrigued.

We went one afternoon after church to get some take out lunch for the family. I wish their wall menu had pictures but the English descriptions were clear. We ordered chicken and leek dumplings, new beef noodle, vegetable dumplings, soup dumplings (pardon me as I don't remember the exact name), and egg pancake. We decided on steam to be a little healthier but next time I'd love to try the fried dumplings. For $40, we had 2 big bags of food to go. Score! Plus, I was able to get passion fruit green tea as well.

If you are ever in Orange County, be sure to check this spot out!


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