San Diego: Marina Kitchen

We stayed at our favorite Marriott in Downtown San Diego. I love staying in hotels because once the kiddos are asleep, you can head down for drinks and late night grub. My dad snoozed with my chickadees while my hubby, brother and I enjoyed a little night out.

The Marina Kitchen had a cute array of items on their menu, but we decided on the maple pepper bacon, lamb sliders and cheese plate.

I tried all the items and must say I liked it all. The bacon tasted like candy bacon. I'm usually not into the trendy bacon items but this one was delicious. My brother's lamb sliders were a little gamy but went well with the mayo. My cheese plate had an array of smooth and strong cheeses accompanied with honey, strawberry preserves, and fruit. It reminded me of my former obsession of cheese plates a few years ago.

Overall, the waitress could have arrived sooner but she made up for it when she got our order and food.


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